Aspects of development from Birth to 19

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Physical Development
During the first year of a child’s life they will be developing in many ways, some noticeable and some not so noticeable. The child will be gaining weight almost triple from when they were born, their height, their sight starts to become more focused. As their muscles become stronger and the back bone develops, sitting and supporting themselves becomes easier, learning to crawl and some walk closer to their first birthday. Now the child is 2-3 their physical development will become more intense. Strength and mobility skill start improving, mobility for them will be key at this age being able to dance to music while stood up, climbing and pushing toys around. The child’s grasp on things will become a lot tighter and will be able to pick up toys and bottles with ease. By 20 months the baby could be running and using different parts of is body to help with their balance however they will still be unsteady and fall often. At 2-3yrs there is not much change in this period however the babies skills becomes smoother and climbing on and off play equipment is easier for them to do. Balance will become stronger; the child will start to explore a ball and will eventually learn to kick it. The child will start to walk up the stairs but could use things around them to help them get up better. He/she can start to undress their self and attempt to dress their self. By 3 they will be able to pedal a bike and walk up the stairs without aid.

3-5 year olds are now jumping around more confidently still with some trouble landing on both feet at the same time. The child will be exploring different ways of using their feet to move around and their body parts i.e. climbing, jumping, hopping, marching and galloping. Hand eye coordination will also be improving, they will be getting better at block building, putting together simple puzzles and drawing shapes (circles, square etc.) They will also start showing a favourite to being left handed or being right handed. Primary school age 5-8yrs are now developing in a steady way, between 5-6yrs the child will gain up to 5 pounds in the year and at 7-8yrs the child’s weight will speed up. They will have developed enough muscle coordination to swim and skate along with their hand eye coordination will have further improved being able to bounce and catch a tennis ball. 8 – 12 year olds physical growth will be in growth spurts throughout the 4 years their growth is slower and not as noticeable as it has been since birth, the child will start growing in growth spurts. The child will be more or less independent dong physical activities, but the body is going to go through many changes in order to prepare for their teenage years. Realising their own strength during activities, most boys will start to enjoy football or rugby; girls may prefer netball or hockey. They have a more understanding of team sports. At 12 girls are at the peak of a physical change called puberty. Boys will start to take a step back now at 12-15 as girls start to go through puberty. Girls will begin to have their periods; breasts will start to develop more, pubic hair will start to thicken. Emotions will become more iritic and sometimes uncontrollable, as girls are now getting used to being young women boys will just start to hit puberty towards 15. It’s now the boy’s time to bloom, at 15-19years they will have a rapid growth spurt and their voice will begin to deepen. The penis and scrotum start to enlarge often having erections with or without cause. Teenagers will start to have physical attractions to each other developing stronger as they get older.

From 0-1 the new born will be communicating straight away, using gestures, sounds and expressions to communicate feelings, hunger, tiredness or happiness. At 3 months the baby should be making lots of different sounds exploring their voices and the sounds. They will start copying sounds that they hear and the bay will understand simple...
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