Asian Paints Project

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Chapter| TOPICS| PAGE NO.|
I| Design of the study- Introduction to the study - Objectives- Methodology– LIMITATIONS of the study| | II| Industry Profile| |
III| Company Profile * History * Vision * Mission * Financial Analysis * Profit and Loss * Balance Sheet * Cash Flow| | IV| Marketing Mix * 4P’s of marketing * Swot * Human resource * Information Technology * Research and Development * Retail Intiatives| | V| Dealers Survey| |

| Summary of Findings and Conclusion| |
| Bibliography| |

design of the study
According to Kerlinger, research design is, “the plan, structure and strategy of investigation conceived so as to obtain answers to research questions and to control variance”. The definition consists of three important terms-plan, structure and strategy. Theplan is an outline of the research scheme on which the researcher is to work. The structureof the research is a more specific outline or the scheme and the strategyshows how the research will be carried out, specifying the methods to be used in the collection and analysis of data.

objectives of the project
* To understand and analyse the business and marketing practices of the company. * To study brand preference of consumer for Asian paints products. * To ascertain the level of demand for different products of Asian paints. * To find out the main competitors for Asian paints.

* To know the general response of the people towards Asian paints products. * To understand the company’s relationship with various dealers. * To know the season in which u find maximum sales of Asian paints. * To know the regularity of supply for the products from the company. * To know the dealers reaction in dealing with Asian paints. * To know the dealers expectations from the company.

The data for this project is collected from two source. They are : * Primary source.
* Secondary source.

1. Primary Sources:
Primary data is that data which is originally collected by the researcher for a specific purpose. These are first-hand information. For this study the main source of primary data was the questionnaire and personal interaction. The questionnaire for the project report was framed in a clear manner so that it enables the dealers to understand and answer the questions easily. The questions designed were short, simple and were arranged in a logical manner. 2. Secondary Sources:

Secondary data is that data which has been already collected by others for another purpose. It is important to us because it can save considerable time and efforts in solving the research problem at hand. The various secondary sources collected for this study include websites, text books, etc. LIMITATION OF STUDY

Although I tried my best in preparation of this project, but this study has some limitation: 1. The period of the project was not sufficient to study all the factors in deep.  2. Visiting various places for the study consumed a lot of time. 3. Many consumer and dealers/retailers showed less interest in providing information and haven’t cooperated. 4. Some of confidential information viz. credit period, schemes, policies and sales figure were not disclosed by the competitors.

The Indian paints industry is currently placed at Rs. 85.0 billion and has been showing consistent double-digit growth from 1991. The organized sector consists of 65-70% whereas the unorganized sector still controls a large portion of 30-35%. The growth of the domestic paint industry is attributed to the boom in the housing sector and the strong growth in the automobile sector. The automobile sector has done well over past 10-years with an average growth of 7-8%. The auto sector is likely to grow at 8-10% due to healthy growth in 2- wheeler and car segments. However, the volume growth in the paint industry may not be in line with the...
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