Asian Paints Global Expansion Strategy

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Global Expansion

Executive Summary
Asian paint is the market leader with 49% of market share in Indian decorative segment and maintains its position among the top ten players in the world. It is only Indian company

operating in India having supply chain management supported by i2

technology. The report also talks about the market share of Asian paint in decorative as well as industrial segment and its growth.The report we made for demostration present condition of Asian paint market in India and new expantion of market accross border.we analysis asian paint Traget marketing and marketin mix and describe about the Global trend and present situations as well as divest and invest return from diffrent countrys.It also talks about the suggested recommendation by us and mainly we have suggested Asian paint is to follow market leader strategy.

Asian Paints Ltd. has a combined turnover of 630 million US dollars. With its strong presence in the Indian subcontinent, south East Asia, Far East, South pacific Caribbean, Africa & Europe. Along with Asian paints the group consists of SCIB chemicals, Berger International & APCO coatings. Together the group has 30 manufacturing unit globally. The company was incorporated in the year 1942 in India. Asian paints have extensively computerized its operations in India using the cutting edge solution provided by SAP & i2. It helped the company drive benefits of faster market analysis for bett er decision making. The product portfolio of the Asian Paints group covers a large spectrum of finish coasts & ancillary products in decorative paints, wood finishes, automobile OEMs & refinishes, marine & Industrial coatings.


arketing strategy

The Indian Paint industry is estimated at 170 billion with a strong presence of both organized and unorganized players at ratio of 65:35.The organize players making their hand stronger in the market. Due to the revised excise duties of govt the unorganized players losing their competitive edge. When we take the Indian paint industry the annual per capita consumption of paint is .5 kg and the global average is 15kg. The global expansion of the Asian Paints foresees the potential of the global market. The per capita paint consumption of developed countries is estimated at 22kg and for south East Asian countries is 4kg. The Indian paint marker records its highest growth during the festival seasons. The industrial paint and decorative paint segment growing at a same proportion. All these data supports the immense growth potential of Asian paint in the Indian as well as in the global market. The competition in the global market will be high but as because of the sustainable competitive advantage of Asian Paint expected to capture 59% of the Indian Paint industry by 2015.

The Indian market share of Asian paints it can be recognized as the market leader of the decorative paint industry. Due to the high cost high quality products of the decorative paint market has giving Asian paints a high advantage against its competitors. But when it comes to the low prized industrial segment market is ruled by GNPL. The estimated size of the paint industry in India is about Rs. 5500 crores. The organized sector occupies 70% of the market and the rest 30% is catered to by the unorganized sector. Over the last few years, there has been a significant shift in customer preference in favor of the players in the organized sector.

The Indian paint sector is dominated by decorative paints, which occupy about 70% of the market. The industrial paints have a meager share of 30%. This situation is very different from that of most developed countries where the share of these two segments is 50:50

Although operating in commodity market. Asian paints have invested heavily in branding, GATTU, the Asian paints official Mascot is a familiar icon across India. The company recently augmented their web pressure. Their website, Asian is...
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