Asian Literature

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Asian Literature and Philosophy
Jennifer Barzona
June 3, 2013
Marc Bonanni

Asian Literature and Philosophy
Asia, the world’s largest continent, expands from the area formerly known as the U.S.S.R. to the Bering Strait and as far south as the Indian Ocean. Scholars limit the areas of Asia to focus predominantly on the Eastern Asian area in regard to Asian American literary guidelines. Asian American literature allows a further exploration of the past and traditional Asian philosophies like Confucianism and Buddhism. Asian American literature also provides a voice to a culture generally ignored allowing Asian American authors to dispel stereotypes and explain cultural traditions. Asian American literature contains numerous originating nationalities, religions, languages, and philosophies for a monolithic philosophical definition.

Asian Philosophy
The basis of Eastern Asian philosophy finds roots in the principle of awareness of the relationship between all things and events. This principle explains the idea of the concept of the unification of an individual with the universe or a sense of oneness. Eastern philosophy encompasses the principles of Buddhism, Confucianism, Hinduism, and Taoism. Buddhists believe in the principle of the Middle Way or to seek moderation and avoid self-indulgence or extravagance (Ling, n.d.). Buddhists accept the impermanence of nature and an interconnection of all things. Confucianism encompasses the principles of personal and governmental morality, appropriateness of social relationships, sincerity, and justice (Ling, n.d.).

Hinduism in India and Taoism in China are two other philosophies reigning from Eastern Asia. Hinduism expresses a belief in the idea of the Absolute. This principle explains the accepted human reality as an illusion because the spirit lives infinitely. Hinduism preaches the idea of meditation to connect with the environment and reach self-realization. Taoism expresses the...
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