Asian Influences

Topics: Texture, Philippines, Asia Pages: 1 (289 words) Published: September 21, 2005
Asian Influences

Economy, Style and Customs

Asia is a well-developed industry in food- processing, textiles, clothing, wood, forest products, home appliances, with fast-growing aquaculture, microcircuit, garments and furniture divisions. Asia is a tropical climate continent. It has a mixture of many ethnic groups and is foreigner influenced. Like as in the Philippines, English is the third most prominent language other than the countries primary language, which is different in each section of Asia.

With the predominant religion in Asia being Roman Catholic most of the design styles portray a Gothic theme being very ornate and heavily emphasized. Temples and churches are landmarks in Asia due to their unique towering architecture, which were built to preserve traditional religious practices while language schools were founded to maintain the language and cultural integrity of the younger generation. As in Home and Garden magazine,"Asian style preserves ancient heritage without restricting its openness to foreign artistic influence." Furthermore, Asian culture seeks to balance opposites in all aspects of life. Asia has no concept on privacy from the design aspect to the economical perspective. This country also portrays a very caring and giving personality. Starting as a bachelor society, the country was very industrial influence by males. To describe the décor of Asia they generally use neutral, natural colors, this provide a simple background. Interiors emphasize the architecture of the space, which provides geometric order. Usually a statement is made through a single strong element, such as a dominant color or texture with high contrast. Black is one of the most prominently used colors lending form and definition. The most common textures and materials of Asia used are cedar, rice paper, maple, bamboo, stone, woven wicker, textured silk, floor mats, needlepoint.
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