Asian Art Museum

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Prof. Chaplin
Asian Art Museum
Are ancient arts impressive for current generation? I had experience to visit museum when I was in back home Ethiopia. Until by any coincidence, visiting museum is one of my experiences in my free time. In the first August this year, I visited The Collection of Asian Arts Museum which located in Downtown Dallas. When I visited the museum, it made me a nice impression. Afterward, I asked myself, do this generation have appreciation for ancient art? In my visitation, I saw some of Asian arts and I got satisfaction. As a matter of fact, I am going to you explain how I impress the Asian sculptural art, house material, and small temples.

First of all, the Asian sculptural arts are very attractive. I want explain how I impress about their sculptural arts. First, when I reached the museum entrance I saw the huge Buddha’s sculptural art sitting on the middle of the fountain. It was awesome, and I took a picture with it. Second, when I got inside, the receptionist told me how I visit that museum and gave the brochures, which tell me the parts of the museum. When I started visiting, I saw a big amazing head of Buddha, which came from China. Then I went to the second stories of the museum and I saw other different types of Buddha’s bodies. This Buddha bodies collected in China, Japan, Tibet, and Myanmar (Burma). Most Buddha’s bodies have six legs and six hands, two legs and six or twelve hands, and some of them have double faces. Finally, I saw disciples of the Buddha, which made from wood, red lacquer and gilt. These Buddha’s bodies just have two hands and two legs and they sitting in mudra.

Second, the other art which I impressed by Asian art museum was housing material. The housing material of Asian art is difference. Most housing materials in the museum were tea pots, cups, and tea preparation materials. I realize most Asian countries have respect for tea ceremony. I heard about some Asian countries tea...
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