Asian American Women

Topics: Asian American, United States, Vietnamese American Pages: 4 (1644 words) Published: July 16, 2012
Asian American women have gone a long way to get to America. They have faced many tribulations ranging from racism, gender issues, to familial issues. Those who experienced these problems back in their home town still faced them when they first immigrated to America. Even though they experienced hostility, life in America was still a luxury that they were willing to work hard for. It was because of this that deemed Asian Americans, particularly Asian American women, to be the model hard workers. Also, because of their hard work, they were able to indirectly achieve the “American Dream.” The three experiences in Louise’s life that corroborated her to be a hard working model minority are: growing up, life after marriage, and coming to America. The person I interviewed was Louise La, a 54-year-old Vietnamese American woman. Throughout the interview, it seemed as though Louise resented her mother and her husband. The reason for this was because they both affected her education, both directly and indirectly, and this was what caused her to be a hard worker. Her mother prohibited her from gaining an education because she believed that girls are better off doing house work and becoming a house wives. Her husband’s negligence made Louise turn to others for help; this made her vulnerable. Throughout Louise’s life, she constantly did house work and farmed. She did not want to repeat the life that she experienced in Vietnam. Her belief was that by working hard at that time, the future generation (her kids) would be able to receive an education, and this was the key to success and avoiding her lifestyle. At the age of only eight, Louise had many responsibilities because she was a female. The role of a “daughter” is being responsible for a variety of tasks. Due to the fact that she was farmer, she was also responsible for farming as well. Daughters in Vietnam were put to work at an early age while the sons in the families were given the opportunity to attend...
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