Asia Ghee Mill

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Introduction of Ghee/Oil Industry

hee industry was introduced in the sub continent in mid thirties, and since then it has grown tremendously in face of all environmental hazards. It has been subjected to serious edible Oil shortages, government inconsistent policies and severe variations between demand and supply in the domestic market. The country which was self sufficient in edible Oil production (0.154 million MT), till 1960, and paying not a single dollar against the import bill, is today importing well over 1.160 million MT against an import bill of no less that Rs.33000 million per year, being the third largest edible Oil importing country of the world, after China and the European Union. All these imports originated from Malaysia. During the past 21 years of interrupted and partially half hearted efforts of successive governments since 1979, the country has been able to procure only 0.5 million MT of edible Oil from indigenous resources while the rest of the 1.1 million MT is procured from imports. The structure of Ghee/Oil industry is just like all the other developing industries of Pakistan. There are certain well-established companies working with good brand names, serving the nation as a whole. Along with them there are certain units, which are working in limited areas, meeting the requirements of these niche markets. Some of the vegetable Ghee mills are working under the control of government and other are held privately. The raw material required for the production of Ghee/Oil is imported from different countries and this is the biggest imported item in food category. The prices of Ghee/Oil are very much influenced by the duties on these imports and the international price fluctuations of these items. In early 1990’s there had been a serious crisis in the Ghee industry, and the main reason for this was that production of Ghee was greater than the demand. In this period due to the heavy looses on account of these units government privatize so many Ghee producing units. Vegetable Ghee is the commercial term for vegetable Oil hardened by the process of hydrogenation. Cottonseed, soybean Oil, Sun Flower Oil, corn Oil, is being mainly used in Pakistan for the manufacturing of Oil/Ghee. Pakistan is importing Palm Oil and Soyabean Oil from America, Indonesia and Malaysia. During 1999-2000 Pakistan imports of soyabean Oil and palm Oil has drastically decreased both in quantity and value. Pakistan imported soyabean Oil worth $75.8 million and Palm Oil $267.8 million in year 1999-2000.

Ghee Industry in Pakistan

In Pakistan ghee industry is flourished over the years. Today there are many Locals and National companies as well as international companies engage in the production of ghee and oil working in Pakistan. Among multinational companies includes Lever Brothers (Pvt.) Ltd. They manufacture DALDA and PLANTA cooking oil and ghee. Some other companies are as follows. 1) Al Hilal Vegetable Ghee Mills engages in the production of Sultan Banaspati Ghee. It is situated in Multan. 2) Shehbaz Ghee Mills is engage in the production of Shebaz Banaspati. It is situated in Rahim Yar Khan. 3) Wazeer Ali Industries Ltd. engages in the production of Tallo Banaspati ghee and cooking oil. It is situated in Hyderabad. 4) Fatima Enterprises Ltd.

5) Refahan Maize Product Company involved in the production of Rafhan Corn Oil and it is situated in Faislabad. 6) Ahmad Food Industries manufactures Ahmad Soyabean Oil.
7) Ghee Corporation of Pakistan (G.C.P) under which 26 units engaged in the production of ghee are working all over the country. Apart from these combines there are many other firms manufacturing ghee.

Introduction of Asia Ghee Mills

Asia Ghee Mill is situated 15km away from Bahawalpur at Karachi Road. This Ghee and Oil manufacturing unit was established in 1994 and start production in 9th June 1997. Asia Ghee Mill occupied a land area of approximately 3 acres. The area of Asia...
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