Ashton Irwin

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When you got back to the hotel, your friends were still freaking out that Ashton gave you his number. YOu couldnt believe it either, the real Ashton Irwin gave YOU his phone number. "Can we please have it? We wont give it to anybody else!" your friends pestered you. "No, if I gave it out, he would be hurt and wouldnt go on a date with me" You really didnt mind giving them his number, but you wanted to have a chance with him, you deserved it.

At almost 10pm, you decided to text him the casual "hey" he replied almost instantly: "Hey is this Y/N?"
"uhm, yeaah."
"I've been waiting for you to text me since I gave you my number! I thought you stood me up" "How could anyone stand you up? aha"
"I'm just a regular guy, so anyone I guess lol. But anyway you got plans tomorrow? I really want to see you again." That last text made you smile.
"yeah, I'm free"
"Great, want to go see a movie? Theres this really nice movie theater next to a Cheesecake Factory." As you were replying, he sent another text:
"I mean, if you like Cheesecake factory, or if you even want to do that. We can do whatever you want :)"
"Aw, no that sounds pefect. What time will you pick me up?"
"Okay, I just want you to have a nice time too. and around 6?" "sounds good :)"
It was 4pm the next day, and your friends and you were freaking out. It was 2 hours until you went on a date with the one and only Ashton Irwin.
"so what are you gonna wear!?" your friends ask and it hits you. What in the heck are you gonna wear? You didnt pack any thing that dressy for the trip, so you texted Ashton.
"Hey, what am I susposed to wear?" He texted back instantly, like we was waiting for you to text him. "Just a casual, first date outfit. Its only cheesecake factory lol." "Alright, see you in 2 ;)"

You set your phone down and started getting ready. (what you wear as well as your makeup is in the next picture) When 6 comes, you wait patiently for Ashton to come. 6:15 comes around and he still hasnt...
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