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Topics: Internal combustion engine, Natural gas, Coal Pages: 2 (505 words) Published: October 20, 2013
Ashok Leyland has been, over the last four decades catering to the marine segment, as well.From powering fishing vessels for various types of fishing applications, like Trawling, Purse seining, Gilnetting, etc, they extend to meet customer specific requirements to power sailing vessels, Auxiliary drive-in vessels, passenger Launches, Ferries, Marine generating sets, cargo vessels etc. 

Known for the ruggedness and reliability of these versatile engines,the company takes pride in having powered over 25,000 plus marine vessels over the last four decades and is pleased to have the overwhelming confidence and trust of their esteemed clientele,enjoying over 90% market share in the 40-200 HP marine engine segment. Fishing vessels pride to be powered with Ashok Leyland engines The Ashok Leyland 4 & 6 cylinder marine engines with the AL and H series have been the first choice of customers, considering the necessity for the engine to operate trouble free and continually on the high seas for weeks on the go, without switching off the engine. These engines have been exported to various countries incorporating complete accessories, stern gear equipment, spare parts kit to operate continually on foreign waters.

From the existing marine engine range of 40-200 HP, the division has recently increased the product offerings in the power-train segment with engines available from 30 to 400 HP. The Leymarine power solutions line will include comprehensive offerings of aggregates like stern-gear, remote controller with cable, half coupling, Hydraulic winches and TUNA equipment, navigational equipment, to name a few. 

With a buoyant market and customers opting for a single window solution, Ashok Leylands PSB unit is gearing up for meeting just that. Ashok Leyland has been in the forefront to introduce engines to operate on natural gas and has taken the lead to power majority vehicles in India contributing to a greener environment. The Power Solutions Business have been...
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