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Topics: Hinduism, India, Shiva Pages: 57 (15588 words) Published: June 22, 2013
In memory of the late Periyar E. V. Ramasami and Dr. B. Ambedkar

by Hadwa Dom

Based on the Original Indian Patriots Council Edition by Dr. Chatterjee

Warning: This book is not meant for decorating your bookshelf, but for circulation amongst others as fast as you can so that we can save our MOTHERLAND!

Published by Dalitstan Journal `Oh You Hindu Awake' by Dr. Chatterjee was originally published by Indian Patriots Council, in Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Comemoration Issue, April 1993, free from any copyright. This substantially improved edition was written by Hadwa Dom for Dalitstan Journal, Volume 1, 1999 Issue 1 (August 1999), and like the original, is published free from any copyright. It has thence been archived in the Ambedkar Library. 1

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Section I

Oh You Hindu Awake !
by Dr. Chatterjee

Regarding the religion referred to as `Hinduism', JAWAHARLAL NEHRU said in his "THE DISCOVERY OF INDIA" (Page 37):

"HINDUISM as a faith is vague, amorphous, many sided, all things to all men. It is hardly possible to define it, or indeed to say definitely whether it is a religion or not, in the usual sense of the word. In its present form, and even in the past, it embraces many beliefs and practices, from the highest to the lowest, often opposed to or contradicting each other." Hinduism is better known as Brahmanism…. There were essentially 2 types of faith in ancient India. Firstly, those which accepted the Vedas and superiority of the Brahmin caste (these are referred to as `astika' or orthodox) and consist of 6 schools. These are collectively referred to in ancient inscriptions as `Brahmana', which is rendered as `Brahmanism'. This category includes


Vaishnavas, Vedists (`vaidikas'), Vedantists, etc. Then those who opposed casteism and the Vedas; these are referred to as `Sramana' or `nasika' (heretic). This last category includes Buddhists, Jains, Shaivas, Tantrics, Atheists (Carvaks), etc.

During the course of history, the `nastikas' have been almost wholly exterminated from India by systematic persecution at the hands of Brahmanists.

The purpose of this book is not to attack any religion. In this book we seek to expose the betrayal of truth and also the injustice to human dignity in the name of religion.

There are many religions in India, therefore followers of each religion should respect other faiths. Regrettably, the self-proclaimed high caste Brahmins have successfully submerged several independant religions into the sea of Brahmanism (ie. Hinduism) and have then sowed the seeds of hatred in the minds of Hindus in relation to other faiths, creating many problems for the peaceful citizens, not only of Christians and Muslims, but also the low-caste Hindus. Whilst serving to destroy the previous independant religions by focussing the attention of the Sudric races on the Christians and Muslims, it has served to preserve Brahmin power.

On the other hand, it is the Aryan Hindus, particularly the Brahmins, who are behind communal disturbances in India which however affect mainly the low caste Hindus, Christians and Muslims. All the while, the Brahmins sit in their comfortable palaces of Government or Industrial officies, engineering riots and wars, whilst the low-caste Sudras, Christians. Sikhs and Muslims fight each other.


Their claim, for example, that 600 churches (including Mandaikkadu, Neelakkal ) and 3000 mosques (including Babri Masjid) were once Hindu temples. What they do not say is why these temples, the symbols of oppression and apartheid, were demolished. Nor do they mantion the happiness that this destruction entailed in the minds of the Indigenous Indian Sudrics.

Have you read today's newspaper? If yes, you would have noticed that it was full of news about violence from all over India. In one place the high caste Aryan Hindu is...
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