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Asher Khan

By Asherkhan1 Mar 24, 2013 585 Words
The Short Story
The story sets off to be in a small town in the middle of a dessert called Zoolo in 1597. There were about 3oo,ooo people that lived there. Every day the normal bread winner of the family would go out and thrive on getting little money to run the family. One of those families that lived there were the McDonalds. They had a family of 7 which included 3 brothers, 2 sisters and the parents. The whole town was extremely jealous. They had so much wealth that if they shared it with the rest of the town they could still live happily for more than 10 years in the future. Their beloved son that everybody was resentful was the best at everything in the small town of Zoolo. His name was Gary Lawson. He was given all the wealth so he can live a king. But he being himself was a very nasty and atrocious person. He would always show off his wealth and looks to everybody in town. At first when he was a child the citizens of Zoolo found it cute and adorable but now that he’s 19 years old the people look at him with disguised eyes. He would go around town everyday shopping but instead of buying one piece of clothing he would buy tons and tons of designer tiger skin suits. One day when he was at a boutique I poor man came and begged him to buy him a non-brand name suit so he can wear it in the upcoming winter. But he was so surprised at the man that he punched him in the face and kicked his little and empty stomach so much that his internal organs couldn’t handle the pressure given by him and he died on the spot. The town had seen this happen in the middle of their shopping center so they all decided to go and protest on behalf of the man’s family. But when rumor started and the king himself heard it he asked Gary if he had done such a thing. Gary responded and said “no he hadn’t even seen a man there”. So as soon as the whole town gathered up in front of their house they ran away. But while running away, one of the towns spear marksman launched his spear and it landed right into his father’s shoulders. When he finally saw his father his father was on the floor of the carriage. He saw him at the time when a man takes his last breath. He asked Gary to come near him and he whispered “when you’re a king and you have the power of ordering the citizen of our town around be sure to think of what your father would do not the young and freshly turned king Gary Lawson. When he returned to be crowned king he felt that he was the one that was causing such harm to his own town. He felt that everybody in his town would need the access products he had bought from the shopping center. So one day he just walked outside and told the whole town to come to his palace. They got there a big feast was held for all of them. They were extremely happy then after he came up to them and gave every one of them a punlic apology. At the end he gave away everything he bought that was a luxury item for him.

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