Asha Gidanje

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“Asha Gidanje”

Can you imagine reading a story, with a drastic and uncomfortable ending? That is what I found when I read the story of “Asha Gidanje”. When reading a profound story like this one, I had to ask myself, is this what our culture is like? Do we have a different type of culture? Absolutely and not and here’s why.

In today world, we always here about infants that are neglected in society because of terrible events. Recently, right here in Wisconsin, there was a couple charged with death of their three old daughter. The cause of death was a drowning. In retrospect, Jenna Danish and Thomas Williams obviously had something trigger them to preform such a terrible murder like this one. This relates back to the incident in the story of “Asha Gidanje”. From the reading of the story we know that Asha parents, where not ok with what had happen after their child was bit. They took action with letting him suffer by in the bushes to mauled by wild hyenas. These two stories connect because our culture is not any different then what we have read in the story of “Asha Gidanje”.

In my own personal experience, I think back to that day when I worked for St. Paul Children’s Hospital. I can still remember that guilt feeling of disgust. As I was in route making my baby formula drop offs, I walked into the room of a newborn child, to find no one. The parents had fled the hospital leaving their child behind. This

Hakeem 2
scenario is identical to Asha parents leaving him in the bushes for dead. With this personal experience it truly proved to myself that when reading the story “Asha Gidanje” and relating our cultures to each other they are not so different in thee end.

Last, but not least while researching I came across a very disturbed story. We know the story of Asha family who has left their son in the bushes for dead. After knowing that, I found a story more disturbing. The story of teen mother who left her baby for dead in Apartment trash can...
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