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Title of Book: Tuesday (Caldecott Winner)
Author: David WiesnerIllustrator: David Wiesner
Publisher and Date: Clarion books 1991
Summary of Plot:
This is a style book; it relies on the pictures to tell the stories. You have to add your own point of view because there are no words. They both rely on each other. The children add their own words which rely on the style. Analysis:

I would teach this in a kindergarten-1st grade class. This book doesn’t involve anything with texts but you could have the students write what they think will happen next in the story or their take on whatever picture you are showing them at the time.

Title of Book: Where the Wild Things Are (Bibliotherapy)

Author: Maurice Sendak

Publisher and Date: Harper Collins Publishing, USA, 1991

Summary of Plot:

Max is a boy who wants to live a different life than the one he is currently living. However, when he leaves, he realizes that there is no place like home. The literary element setting is important because it changes from Max’s room to a jungle where the wild things live.


This is a great book for students in grades 1-3 because this is when their imagination is at its peak. Teachers could use this book to help teach vocabulary, using words like mischief and ceiling. This is also a great tail to teach the variety of text comprehension. It can be understood from a child’s perspective about monsters and being wild or it can be understood on a deeper level that there is no place like home.

Title of Book: Mommy and Me by Ourselves Again (Bibliotherapy)

Author: Judith Vigna

Publisher and Date: Albert Whitman and Co., Illinois, 1987

Summary of Plot:

This book is about a little girl who has faced divorce and is now facing a break up between her mommy and her ex boyfriend, Gary. She does not want to love anyone anymore and feels everyone will leave her, but she finds out that family will always be there for you. The literary element, conflict is seen as the girl battles person vs person. She has to face all of the rejection that the men have caused when they left her and her mommy. This story is told from the little girl’s point of view so the audience sees and feels the same thing she does.


This is a great book for young students in grades K-5-2 because the story is told through a child’s eyes. Text comprehension is a key element in this story because student can grasp different meanings from this story like: family will always love you, or, not everyone keeps their promises. A teacher could recommend this book to a student who is facing a split up in their family.

Title of Book: Yolonda’s Genius (Bibliotherapy)

Author: Carol Fenner

Publisher and Date: Margaret R. McElderry Books, NY, 1995

Summary of Plot:

Yolonda is a very confident and large girl who spends her time helping her brother become successful in his music career. Conflict can be seen in this novel, person against person and person against self, because she must battle the constant rejection of people and the way that she looks. Point of view is another element that stands out because Yolonda chooses to be confident and views the remarks of people as a builder and uses this to help her brother as well.

This is a great book for students in middle school because this is the age where students can relate to this kind of conflict. Teachers can use this book to help build confidence. Text comprehension is a variety with this book. Students could understand

Title of Book: Alexander and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day (Bibliotherapy) Author: Judith ViorstIllustrator: Ray Cruz
Publisher and Date: 1972 Mamillan
Summary of Plot:
This book is considered a conflict book. Nothing is going write in Alexander’s world and he struggles to deal with it. Analysis:
I would teach this book in a kindergarten-1st grade class. This is a bibliotherapy book because the child...
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