asexual v. sexual reproduction

Topics: Bacteria, Organism, Asexual reproduction Pages: 4 (643 words) Published: December 9, 2013
Asexual vs. Sexual Reproduction Reinforcement (51 points) 1. Compare and contrast asexual reproduction and sexual reproduction. (2pts) Asexual: Occurs when offspring are produced from a single parent Advantageous in stable conditions

Offspring are genetically identical to their parent (clones) Sexual: Occurs when offspring are produced by the joining of two haploid cells from two different parents Advantageous in changing conditions

2. What are six types of asexual reproduction? (2pts)
Mitosis, Binary fission, Budding/ Runners(plants), Spore formation, Fragmentation/Regeneration, Vegetative propagation 3. What are two types of sexual reproduction? (2pts)
Meiosis, Conjugation
4. What types of cells are produced through mitosis? Meiosis? (2pts) Body Cells
5. How many divisions are there in mitosis? Meiosis? (2pts)
6. Cells produced through mitosis are genetically identical daughter cells, whereas cells produced through meiosis are genetically four genetically different gamete cells. (2pts) 7. Describe the process of binary fission. (2pts)

Duplicates its DNA and divides into two new organisms.
8. Explain the process of budding. (2pts)
A small part of the parent organisms body breaks off and grows into a new organism 9. What is vegetative propagation? (2pts)
Runners/rhizomes/tubers spread from the parent plant and form “plantlets” at the ends of vines or leaves 10. Explain what happens during fragmentation/regeneration. (2pts) Part of the parent’s body breaks off and forms a complete, new organism 11. Describe the process of conjugation. (2pts)

Direct transfer of DNA from a unicellular organism to another unicellular organism 12. Why is the process of conjugation in bacteria important evolutionarily? (2pts) It is the primary method of DNA exchange in bacteria

13. Which type of reproduction creates greater genetic diversity? Explain. (2pts) Sexual reproduction
Asexual vs. Sexual Reproduction Venn Diagram (1 pt each)
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