Aseptic Technique

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Aseptic Technique is based on surgical conscience; that is, the ethical and professional motivation that regulates a professional’s behaviors regarding disease transmission. (Fuller) All patients are bound to get an infection. Certain situations can increase vulnerability, like disturbance of the body's defenses like contradictions to anesthesia, severe burns or an immune disorder.

A key difference between the operating room and other clinical environments is that the operating area has high standards of asepsis all the time, most other settings are not designed to meet such standards. Clinical areas outside of the operating room generally do not allow for the same strict level of asepsis, avoiding potential infection remains the goal in every clinical setting. Observation of medical aseptic practices will help to avoid infections. The aseptic technique in such settings is called medical asepsis or clean technique (rather than surgical asepsis or sterile technique required in the operating room). (Hauswirth)
Specific situations outside of the operating room require a strict application of aseptic technique. Some are: * wound care * drain removal * I V procedures * vaginal exams during labor * insertion of urinary catheters * respiratory suction

Cleaning includes thoroughly scrubbing the hands. Remove jewelry, microorganisms get trapped under rings and bracelets. Wear sterile and lint free surgical scrubs, suits help prevent release soil and body fluids. Head caps keep hair from falling on sterile area or patient. Eye shields prevent blood spatters from your eyes. Facial masks should be worn to cover nose and mouth. Hands and arms up to the elbow may be scrubbed for at least five minutes with soaps designed to kill bacteria. Once scrubbing is done, the scrub, gloves up, and wear s hair nets or caps to cover hair, and masks to cover mouth. The procedures for putting clothing on are usually strict rules that define aseptic

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