ASEAN: Regional Integration for and Against Articles

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ASEAN: Regional Integration for and Against Articles
MGT448/Global Business Strategies
December 14, 2011
Kathryn Hayman
ASEAN: Regional Integration for and Against Articles
Association of Southeast Asian Nations is the regional grouping of currently ten Southeastern Asian countries. (Hill, p296) The association began in 1967 with very little participation. In recent years, participation has increased amongst the region. As with agreements of this nature, the goal is to ease trading amongst regional areas. Some aspects are positive and then others are negative. These articles will discuss both view points. Pro-Integration

Examining the positive impacts on integration, most consumers would agree having a unified region would increase price competition. This competition would bring prices of goods to a reasonable level. Currently some countries within the ASEAN demand high tariffs imports. These tariffs assist in bring money to the governments of some of the members. In 2003, AFTA ASEAN Free Trade Area, was created to aid in ensuring progress toward free areas of trade with greatly reduced tariffs. However, some countries such as the Philippines, have tariffs in place until 2020. Integration would take the need for these tariffs away and allow for free trade among these countries. (Hill, p296) Another favorable result is the potential to be able to trade freely with China, Japan and South Korea, members of APEC, Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation. The growing strength within ASEAN will provide a better market for goods produced in the two associations. (hill, p296) With ASEAN’s members being more willing to reduce tariffs, these three countries are more willing to traffic their good to this region. Finally, the ASEAN brings to the forefront human rights issues. At the recent summit held in Indonesia just this year, the subject was discussed and debated. (ASEAN, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights boosts Human rights development in ASEAN, 2011) Some of...

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