Topics: Native Americans in the United States, History, Culture Pages: 1 (333 words) Published: September 22, 2014
Carlos Luis Caquias Arzola
Section 2 (1:30pm-2:45pm)
1. The two masters that American Indian scholars must serve are Native Societies and Academic Communities.

2. The two expectations of scholars that are American Indian : Members of Native American tribes must examine issues that affect their own Indian cultures and contemporary life ways as academic , they are also trained to be methodical , analytical and objective.

3. Objectivity is based on evidence that is not influence by emotion or personal bias and subjectivity is bases on personal experience , internal feelings , belief and perspective.

4. He said “ When reviewing any set of essays that pretend to offer an objective view of Indian affairs, we have to remember that there never has been an objective point of view regarding Indians and there never will be”. He said that because the Indians must have a written history .

5. Oral history is the systematic collection of a people testimony about their own experience also is not folklore, gossip, hearsay or rumor. Written history is conflicted with the oral because the written history is not always completely factual.

6. Native scholars had more interest because they studied for self-serving purpose.

7. Academic scholarship is that the student earned money for his studies in college buy getting good grades and Native scholarship is that when the Indians sold their land for a purpose gave was that their descendants have scholarships to study.

8. Because you discover new things buy examining costly about their culture and their history.

9. Because these kinds of studies are by far richer in content and nuance, and restore agency and dignity to Native people, unlike one dimensional studies.

10. Ethno history uses both historical and ethnographic data as its foundation. Its historical methods and materials go beyond the standard use of books and manuscripts. Its different from other traditional scholars because the overall goal...
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