Topics: Lost Generation, Guilt, Writing Pages: 2 (501 words) Published: May 5, 2013
AFTA Writing #2

Henry experiences remorse at neglecting to visit Abruzzi, the priest's hometown. He feels guilty about ignoring the priest's advice. This guilt reflects an internal conflict between following a religious path and following the path where "we did not do the things we wanted to do; we never did such things"(13). Could Hemingway be foreshadowing the outcome of the novel? In which direction might Henry's life unfold? Write 150 words about what you think might happen, based on this fork in the road.

AFTA Writing #3

In Chapter IX, a heated debate takes place regarding the nature of war, foreshadowing the attack that will injure Frederic (50). There are many views reflected in the debate: "nothing worse than war," "defeat is worse [than war]," "war is not won by victory," "the ruling class caused and runs the war," "war is fought for money." What position does Frederic take regarding the war? Does this effect how he tells the story (reliable narrator)? If so, in what way? If not, why not? Why might Hemingway introduce this debate just before the men are injured and killed? 150 words HW: read to page 116

AFTA Writing #4

Who/What is the antagonist in the novel? Does the antagonist require Frederic to look at himself in profound new ways? Write 150 words answering these questions. Support your argument with at least one quote from the text.

Read to 159

AFTA Writing #5

Hemingway alludes to a poem by Andrew Marvell, when Frederic recites: "But at my back I always hear, times winged chariot hurrying near…" (154) Why does Frederic recite this poem at this moment in the novel? Why is "time's winged chariot hurrying near"? 100 words

AFTA Writing #6

Rinaldi says, "I am the snake. I am the snake of reason." Frederic responds, "You're getting it mixed. The apple was reason" (170). Rinaldi has "no sacred subjects" and notes that he has no married friends, presumably because he can seduce any woman through reason. Finally he admits,...
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