Asda a Case Study

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|The IMPACT OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY oN CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT | | | |ASDA - a CASE STUDY | |Evangeline Antony | |0069KDKD0409 | |Supervisor | |Dr. Uma Mohan | | | |Date | |17/09/2010 | |“A Thesis submitted in Partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Masters of Science in Information Technology” |


I would like to thank all those respondents who participated in the survey for their valuable time and contribution that helped to complete this project on time.

I am also very thankful for my aunt who provided me with everything after the death of my mother. Without her love, encouragement and support none of this would have been possible.

I would like to thank my supervisor Dr Uma Mohan for her invaluable support during the project’s course. He was very supporting and encouraging person who always motivates us to work hard to achieve our goals.

Finally, my sincere gratitude to the entire lecture panel, all other staff of School of Technology and Management, my family, friends and colleagues who gave their sincere support during my stay in STM.

Thank You.

Miss. Evangeline Yogala Antony

School Of Technology and Management

University of East London


The wide spread growth of business which consists of several functionalities lead to the invention of Enterprise resource planning system with better customer management system.. Also the increased use of computers and internet has encouraged many organizations to do business online. Most of the businesses try to interact with their potential and existing customers through internet via opinions on blogs, online discussion forums, and consumer product review websites.

And some organizations are still reluctant to incorporate the new technology in to their business activities. There are many factors that they need to be aware before selecting the new change. Any organization with a close consumer base should think how to use web 2.0 applications to enhance the business. Especially the large retail companies like ASDA, which has a large customer base, should use the latest technologies like web 2.0 to be competitive and to provide better customer service.

Further, the new term Enterprise 2.0 which is a specialized version of Web 2.0 helps the organizations to facilitate collaboration and knowledge sharing. But for the organizations which cannot identify the benefits of these new technologies cannot risk themselves to invest the time and money, Therefore it is very essential for the large scale retail companies like ASDA to be aware the new technologies that could assist them in order to provide better customer service.

In much of the literature review of this thesis covers the evolution of CRM 2.0 and web 2.0 technologies with the...

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