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In order for the ASC salesperson to fully understand the broader scope of the project for seating, they need to know for what purpose and why the renovation is taking place. They need to know the specifications of the space, flow of traffic, and the types of shows that the venue will be booking. The salesperson needs to know what is important to the Seattle Music Arts Association. They need to know to what level of comfort they want the seats to encompass and if they have customized preference for special features. A salesperson may also need to know the timeframe for the project as well as resources that are available (such as making sure there isn’t a timely backlog at ASC manufacturing facility). They may also research other competition in the area that the design firm may have considered requisitioning for an RFP.

I understand you are doing quite the renovation. What prompted the renovation? Well, it’s time we updated the auditorium to offer more seating so that we can accommodate larger clients. This is a small venue originally built in the 40’s. Sounds great. So that I can best serve your objectives, can you help me understand the decision-making process? Both myself and my manager, Lilly, will be making the decision mutually. We are hoping to review all proposals by January. …So there’s already a timeframe in place?

We’re hoping for everything to be complete in the Spring of 2013. I hope that’s not too loft of a goal! Tell me about the shows that are booked here.
We book a lot of local bands and small symphonies. But we are also looking to expand to some of the small colleges in the area who are cramped for space for their performances, graduations, etc. Some of the private middle schools have expressed interest in also having some children’s performances, too. Unfortunately some clients don’t like to book with us because of how small and cramped the space has become over the years. We lose may bookings to The Muzak Center on 5th...
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