Asbestos Poisoning

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Asbestos poisoning also called as asbestosis is an interstitial pulmonary fibrosis that is caused by asbestos exposure. When asbestos containing materials break down or disturbed, its microscopic fibers become airborne that can easily be inhaled or swallowed and can cause serious health concerns in the long run.


Asbestos poisoning is the impact that asbestos exposure can have on humans. Its toxicity stems from the fact that the microscopic fibers which make up asbestos in its pure form can have a devastating impact on human health when they are inhaled or ingested.



Asbestos poisoning occurs when the microscopic fibers that asbestos consist of are inhaled or ingested. This can have a devastating effect on human health. The effects of asbestos poisoning are not immediate as is the case with many other poisons. When you inhale or swallow it you probably won't even notice it. It is invisible to humans and light enough to stay in air born for a long time. When asbestos gets into the human body there are no natural means by which it can be removed and it remains lodged in the lungs. The first symptom of asbestos poisoning is nothing severe, and includes a dry cough, tightness in the chest and shortness of breath.

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The problem with asbestos poisoning is that the symptoms take a long time to appear, and when they finally do appear people don't seek medical help immediately, and therefore the disease is often discovered too late. The three most common diseases caused by asbestos poisoning is asbestosis, mesothelioma, and lung cancer. Asbestosis happens when the asbestos fibers gets embedded in the inner lung tissue which causes it to harden and lose its ability to absorb oxygen. As time passes lung capacity is weakened and the victim loses their ability to engage in cardiovascular exercise. Mesothelioma develops on the...

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