Asbestos Abatement Notes

Topics: Carbon monoxide, Oxygen, Carbon monoxide poisoning Pages: 3 (399 words) Published: September 3, 2013
Filters in negative air machine:
1. Pre-filter
2. Intermediate filter
3. HEPA filter
Lockdown is sealant sprayed on after asbestos is cleaned off to seal in invisible fibers. Sprayback is new insulation (ie fireproofing) put up after asbestos is removed and the job passes the clearance air sample. Techniques used to minimize the number of airborne fibers:

* Keep the asbestos wet/wet methods
* Containment
* Use negative air pressure
* Bag as you go (6 mil poly bag)/prompt clean up
* Attach HEPA VAC to tools to capture dust flow
Five control methods to correct asbestos problems:
1) Encapsulation
2) Enclosure
3) Repair
4) Removal
5) Operations and Maintenance

Major Non-Asbestos hazards:
* Heat stroke is when your cooling system is shut down. * Carbon monoxide poisoning: oxygen deprivation kills you. Comes from motors such as generators and air compressors. CPR to save victim. * Electrical shock – Use a Ground Fault Interrupter (GFI)[a very sensitive circuit breaker] * Ladders- use fiberglass ladders not wood or metal.

* Scaffolding
* Fires and explosions – Need oxygen, heat, and fuel source to create fire. * Confined spaces- have little oxygen.
* Trips, slips, and falls (Keep a tight/clean work area) * Back problems – lift with legs and don’t overload bags.

Fire Ratings:
A – Wood
B – Chemical (oil, grease, gas)
C – Electrical
D – Flammable metals
K – Kitchen

Requirements of air used in Type C respiratory systems (P. 62) * Must use grade D air (19.5 -23.5% oxygen)
* All compressors must have carbon monoxide alarm / high temperature alarm. .00001 Carbon monoxide is allowed in the air /1 part per million. * A trap to catch water in the air.
* Maximum of 300 feet hose.

Glove bag procedures:
1) Checklist: tools and equipment needed
a. Scraper
b. Knife 2x (one in one out)
c. 3D pad
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