Asb Leadership

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A.S.B. Leadership Essay

A.S.B. was an amazing class for me last year and I hope to be in it again. I would represent my Junior class in a positive way. It would be fun helping get kids involved in school activities. I would love to help with the school dances and assemblies because I am very creative. I think students should feel like school is there home away from home. Getting them involved and picking them for activities would give them a much better outlook and a good attitude towards school. I love getting decked out for spirit days so I would encourage other people to dress up with me! Leading in an enthusiastic way I will do the tasks at hand and get the work done, while being an example to others. I have a natural ability to improvise and adapt to every situation. I’ve had much experience like working a summer job at my Dads chemical company. In the office I helped work the phones for customer service. I also helped organize the company’s promotional events. To accomplish goals you must always respect others, work hard and get the job done; that’s what I think A.S.B. is all about. I’m up for anything, and available for whatever I’m needed to do. My family completely supports me as a leader and encourages any and all involvement that I am called to do. I am very energetic and enthusiastic about things and have many ideas. Also I’m very artistic and love to draw. I think one of my strengths is my creative mind. Being kind of a perfectionist is probably one of my strengths and one of my weaknesses. Sometimes I want to take my time to make everything right. Some things I could bring to A.S.B. are a fresh outlook, hard work and mainly new ideas. Maybe we could do some kind of marathon that went on the whole night till the morning; I think kids would have so much fun and we could still raise money. Otherwise I think A.S.B. is a great program and that’s why I’m running and would love to be in it again. I loved it last year and am hoping to

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