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Scientific Articles: Rubric SACE □ Year 10 □ Name: _____________________ Tutor Group: ______________ BIQ Group _______________

KU 3 Ways in which scientific articles are composed for a specific purpose and audience. KU 2
Techniques and conventions of scientific articles
C1 Clarity and accuracy of written expression
Limited drafting processes
Little attempt to use features
Some evidence of drafting
Some attempt to use format
Evidence of three drafts
Final draft contains features of a scientific magazine article Demonstrates most of the features in the SM article
Final draft is a clear and fluent piece of writing containing features of a scientific magazine article Polished piece ready for publication
AP 1
Use of a range of language skills to analyse and reproduce the style of scientific articles in a creative manner. C2 Language appropriate to a scientific article.
Use of language

Basic paraphrasing of an already published article.
Attempted use of verb form, writing tight, subject specific language. Article includes generally correct use of verb forms, writing tight and subject specific language. Short sentences with topic paragraphs. Final draft of the article uses correct verb forms and voice. Writing is tight and subject specific language is used. Sophisticated and creative use of language skills.

An 2 includes how language is used to influence opinions
AP 3 Ability to locate, analyse and synthesise knowledge
Research influencing reader
Article is far fetched /
Little scientific evidence
Attempt to show article is credible
Some scientific evidence
Use of scientific words and appropriate diagrams/illustrations. Appropriate references/ illustrations/diagrams/ quotes
Statements backed with evidence
Well recorded
Convincing range of features used
Relevant synthesis of knowledge

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