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My association with computers began long before people of my age could lay their hands on one. My father told me that my tryst(try to use another word like history or sth) with technology began since I was four years old, when I opened the equipment screws using a screw driver from my father's toolkit. I have keenly inherited my father's love for technology, as he being an Electronics Engineering Graduate used to assemble and repair various electronic equipment including personal desktop computers at our home during his spare time. Needless to say that he has been my greatest inspiration all through my life. My aim for applying to the graduate program in Management Information Systems is to train myself to be a business analyst in the Information Technology industry. My long term objective is to venture into technology management consultation. I envision myself leading a team helping organizations to develope strategies through efficient technology management and planning. A Masters in Information Systems in The Carnegie Mellon University would be the crucial step in achieving my goal.

My interest and curiosity in computers grew when we got a computer in our house at the time when I was merely five. I played my first computer game on DOS when I was only six. A computer found its way into our house at a time when these machines were hardly available at work places. I was exhilarated when our school offered us computers as a subject during my third grade. Seeing my dedication, my teachers encouraged me to help them conduct practical sessions for my class. I ranked first in the primary section of the school for 'Computers'. My knowledge of computers not only helped me academically but also helped in numerous other projects which I participated in and won during my entire school life.

My proficiency with computers and immense interest in the subject, right from the early stages of my life, prompted me to pursue studies in the field of computers. After...
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