As I Lay Dying: Epilogue

Topics: The Wall, Doctor, Nurse Pages: 1 (407 words) Published: August 1, 2011
Andre 1
Hannah Andre
Mrs. Rollings
Honors English 10 Period 3
13 May 2011
Darl’s Epilogue
Darl chases the patterns on the white wall with his numb fingertips. He is alone. He shivers as he lies on the cool pavement exhausted thinking to himself with a smirk scrolled across his face. And I’m the crazy one they say. Hahahahahahahaha. They are the loons that should be locked up in this sanitarium. Vardaman’s mother is a fish. Jewel’s mother is a horse. I have not a mother. Addie Bundren is was. Now in a coffin. Was in a bed. The nurse hesitantly unlocks the small room and sets a blue plastic tray on the floor. She eagerly locks the chamber and repeats the process as she walks down the hall. Darl pushes the overused tray across the floor. He does not feel hungry tonight. White wall. White wall is now. Silent white wall is was. Now screaming, closing in, suffocating, Darl thinks. “I kept. I kept is now. Dewey Dell told my secret. Told is was. Yesyesyes. Jewel’s mother is a horse. Dewey Dell will go to Hell”, Darl screams as he violently scratches the walls, tears rolling down his hot cheeks. In comes the doctor along with several nurses for the third time today. The nurses grab Darl and slide him into a straightjacket. They have had enough of Darl and Andre 2

are ready for their shifts to be over for the day. “Vardaman’s mother is a fish. I am a turtle. Jewel’s mother is a horse. Care now not, no. No care is was. Was is no care. Hahahahahahahaha. Addie Bundren is dead! Dewey Dell got pills in town. Hahahahahahaha”, Darl laughs. The doctor and nurses are fed up with Darl. The doctor sends the nurses out and a man of about forty enters the crowded cell. The man whispers into his colleague’s ear and then slowly exits the room. The man returns about five minutes later with a syringe, needle and a glass bottle filled with a yellow tinted liquid. Darl watches as the man measures the liquid. Yesyesyes. Hahaha. The doctor moves slowly towards Darl and injects the...
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