As a Head Nurse

Topics: Experience, Knowledge, Procedural knowledge Pages: 1 (485 words) Published: January 10, 2011
We all must experience have responsibilities beyond our expectation and limitation as we can improve ourselves every now and then. Responsibilities are just within our shoulders as we go on with our lives we add more on to it due to the things we learn and experience and simply being a student nurse responsibility is already on our shoulders as we gained knowledge in every step of the way. As a student nurse, knowledge is easy to get as we experience, learn, read and study. But every knowledge comes with great responsibility, which is to help and share it to others who are innocent about specifically toward to their health. Experiencing being a student head nurse is good as it adds my capabilities to manage my time, and my staff nurses. I have been a leader for some time now but I need more experience to be better than before. I am not at my best now as leader as I haven’t yet experienced every problem and responsibilities but I want to get better than I am now. Being a leader is hard because responsibilities weighs more than you expect, for your time, group and for yourself. But as I experience it once, twice or more to it, it is very helpful due to that I improve from before. Finding myself being a student head nurse is part of being a student but when I experience it was a little hard because I have difficulty at first in coping because it is my first time to lead a group in ER but I can manage. I was a little bit of loss for a minute on how to manage my time but I made a time table on the different things I have to manage from the start towards the end likely checking the works of my group mates and reminding them of the different responsibilities they have to prioritize first on the certain time. I was at ease because I felt blessed that my group mates work with less supervision and questions as the before group mates I have had. Some take initiatives for the different assigned work for our report. They manage to finish it on time and we communicate well....
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