As a Future Nurse

Topics: Customer service, Customer, Clinical nurse leader Pages: 2 (600 words) Published: March 1, 2013
As a Future Nurse Leader/ Manager:
“How will you maintain quality in your Organization?”
In every country, there is opportunity to improve the quality and performance of the health-care system, as well as growing awareness and public pressure to do so. According to an organization with top management should have tendency of explaining the quality they have in their organization to new employees in order to maintain the status of an organization's quality.  Giving them knowledge about the culture of the organization with the purpose of ensuring they all in the organization go together in accordance to statutory and regulations of the organization. This should go hand in hand with the human resources capacity development, an organization should let the employees get or seek more and more knowledge about products, productions, customers, customer care which will result to consolidation of the organization itself and human resources at large. Quality is sought, found, learn t, in general much effort need to be put to have and maintain quality in an organization. There are basically two approaches that any organization can have towards maintaining service standards – a proactive approach or a reactive approach. In the proactive approach it entails actively reaching out to customers and trying to gather their feedback on service quality and suggested areas of improvement. This can be done by way of (a) surveys and administering questionnaires (b) gap analysis and (c) staff training ( In the surveys and questionnaires it helps a brand to anticipate customer demands and expectations and align its service offering accordingly. Also, the findings of such surveys can help to identify common issues and demands of customers hence helping a company to customize its service offering. While on the Gap Analysis it is adopted for analyzing...
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