As You Like It Essay Notes

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An individual’s upbringing creates a powerful formative influence over the creation of a sense of belonging.

Genuine relationships anchor individuals in identify, worth and connection. As such, the rules of society have bearing on an individual’s potential to belong.

Opposed are the corrupt nature of the court and the natural place of the Forest of Arden.

Not only is the play itself a reflection of this stratified society from which it comes, but in a theatre like the Globe where it was performed, the strata were clearly visible.


* Clear contrast established between the Orlando (good) and oliver (bad) Conflict is created with impacts n the audience arousing their curiosity and creating tension * Connection/comparison between these to fighting brothers and the tow Dukes at the court where younger disposed of older * Between daughters and sons, since daughters of two dukes not affected by their fathers enmity * Two ‘worlds’ are established and juxtaposed. One in the court where there are disagreements and plots and an alternative world in the country – the Forest of Arden – where people live freely without a care in the world. The brothers, Oliver and Orlando, appear to inhabit an in-between world, infected by jealousies of the court, but with a series of images suggesting rural life and farming. * There is a conflict as well as an example of dramatic irony when we hear Oliver give a negative version of Orlando’s character to Charles and then hear him immediately give the exactly the opposite positive version to the audience. He hates Orlando because his good qualities reflect badly on himself.

Orlando states in the establishing scene being treated ‘like a peasant’ – plays upon the audiences preconceived ideals about the interaction between social status and identity. Thesis
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