As you like it act 1 scene 1 opening cene

Topics: World, Pastoral, The Elder Brother Pages: 3 (1028 words) Published: January 18, 2014
the play,as you like it,written by shakespear during the Elizabethan age,belongs to the literary tradition known as Pastoral which typically involves exites from urban or court life to the world of nature. In the opening scene of this play,we are firstly exposed to the main hero,Orlando who is describing his plight to the servant,Adam. This whole scene deals with the theme of primogeniture that corrupts the brotherly love. Hence,this particular part of the play is important for us as readers to understand to what extent who is loyal and who is not as we are provided with a clear insight on the Elizabethan society during Shakespear’s time. Therefore,it is also crucial to note that shakespear uses dramatic techniques such as the themes of usurpation and jealousy,the main characters,Orlando and Oliver,pastoral setting of the play and the language in order to mark the significance of this opening scene.

in the opening scene,orlando introduces one of the play’s important themes : primogeniture,a policy whereby the eldest son inherits everything. Orlando, being the youngest brother in his family, faces the problem that he has received a meager inheritance as a result of this rule. ‘’ was upon this fashion bequeathed me by will but a poor….and there begins my sadness.’’ Hence we see that the system of hierarchy was not a fair system as where the elder brother ursurps everything for himself. Yet,a stronger aspect that takes over is jealousy. ‘’..for my part he keeps me rustically at home..’’ shows that oliver deprives him of education and other facilities,indicating that he is jealous of him.Considering the condition of senior duke,then it is jealousy that has made the younger brother,duke Frederick take senior duke’s place by deception. The reason behind jealousy here is because the evil ones,Oliver and duke Frederick cannot accept the fact that Orlando and Senior duke have that subtle power of goodness for which people love them. Thus,through the use of these...
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