As Unit 3 G042: Ict Solutions for Individuals and Society

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Task B – Unit 3
Write a report on the impact of the availability of electronic information on individuals and society [7 marks] – Approx. 2000 words

|B1 |B2 |B3 | |You make straightforward comments on how the |You explain clearly how the availability of |You explain in detail how organisations now | |availability of information affects people and |information affects society in general and |communicate with individuals and society and the | |situations you are familiar with, such as you and |individuals within it, including people and |effect on those who do not have (or want) access to | |your family |situations outside your normal experience |ICT | |0-3 |4-5 |6-7 |

|b |1 |Candidates explain the effects of the availability of information in personal terms, such as their ability to access information on | | | |this qualification by accessing the OCR website, or the ability of their parents to find train or flight information and book tickets | | | |on-line; | | |2 |candidates broaden the scope of their explanations to include individuals and society in general; | | |3 |candidates include in their explanations the increased use by organisations of e-mail, websites and other ICT to communicate with their| | | |customers individually, and with society in general, through ICT-based advertising; | | | |they consider the effects on those who do not have (or want) access to ICT. |

In writing this report it is expected that you will have to complete research on: • How technology has changed in the last few years in terms of the delivery of information to society ▪ How did organisations used to communicate with individuals and society? ▪ How has this changed?

▪ How is it done now?
• The increase of electronic information available to people including through ▪ The Internet including:
• the range of up-to-date information available form around the globe • the ease and difficulty of finding the information you want • the advantages/disadvantages of the availability of this information. ▪ Via E-Mail – The increase of the use of email by organisations to communicate with customers individually whether solicited or unsolicited ▪ Instant messaging

▪ Through digital television / radio and other new digital services ▪ Through mobile devices such as PDAs, mobile phones and wireless laptops ▪ CyberCafes
• The increase in online services which provide alternate sources of e-information such as: ▪ On-line banking
▪ On-line shopping
▪ On-Line booking / insurance / Comparison shopping
• The increase in the amount of online information available from: ▪ The government ( – this provides government information sources for may areas of life) ▪ Organisations – most / all have their own websites – does this help?

The impact of the availability of electronic information
on individuals and society


Write a short introduction to the task you have been set. Remember you are primarily talking about the internet as a source of electronic information, this...
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