As the Hrm Director in a British Multinational Company Which Specific Factors Would You Take Into Account When Recruiting and Deploying Managers to Work in an Overseas Subsidiary?

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Title: As the HRM Director in a British multinational company which specific factors would you take into account when recruiting and deploying managers to work in an overseas subsidiary?

1.0 introduction
International recruitment is part of International Human Resource Management (IHRM) practices designed to match the new market realities. It requires the ability to match available international employees to existing corporate culture and job requirements (Abel, 2013). With development of economy globalization, tendency of talents globalization is becoming stronger. More and more people would be assigned to abroad for working. Some people that one is given the job because it is commensurate with his abilities, others commented that the job should be given to the one who can adapt environment quickly. This essay will discuss which specific factors would be taken into consideration when recruiting and deploying managers to work in an overseas subsidiary. Firstly, technical ability is the most important elements to work. Following this, work experience and cross-cultural suitability will also be the factors under consideration. Finally, the candidate’s personality should meet the requirements.

2.0 literature review
Able has pointed out that international recruitment would bring both advantages and disadvantages to the company. Therefore, one needs to be tested repeatedly before he or she gets the job. A manager is someone who has comprehensive development and good personality. There are numberless articles are talking about the factors influence recruitment. Nick, a famous editor and excellent personnel consultant, also demonstrated that work experience is indispensable part of work and listed more than 8 reasons to prove the importance of work experience. According to Wei-Yu Chen, Ph.D. Program in Business, Feng Chia University,Taiwan and Mei-Yane Chung, Department of Business Administration, the technical ability and cross cultural adaptation can direct influence the efficiency of work.

3.0 analysis and discussion
3.1 Technical ability
Technical ability is the essential elements in work. The competent person can work efficiently and benefit the development of a company. Therefore, as the HRM director, I firstly will test the candidate’s skills and competency. Many employers and policymakers in the U.S. believe that technical skills are necessary for work across most jobs (Stasz, 1997). In fact, some researches find that technical skills take a high proportion when directors recruiting and deploying employees. For example, the ORC Worldwide 2002 survey mentioned earlier found that 72 percent of responding firms selected assignees on the basis of skills or competencies for the job (Scullion and Collings, 2006). Nowadays, there are more and more college students cannot find a job, because they have little or even none technical skills. They know a lot of theory and methods, but never put into practice. Actually, what they have and what they knew are regarded as technical understanding. When choosing the most suitable person to work in an overseas subsidiary, we should make sure that one has technical skills, but not technical understanding. A article has been posted by International Manpower Resources PL, it has already mentioned the importance of technical skills. Here, we are choosing managers to the overseas subsidiary. The candidates must have some management and technical skills. HK Peregrine Investments Holdings Limited, one of the biggest local bank and securities finance company, was closed down. The lack of technical skills of their employees were the main cause of the bankruptcy. Needless to say, technical skills are indispensable in work and must be taken into account.

3.2 Work experience
Work experience is another the embodiment of the ability, so it must be on the carpet. As the old saying goes, experience is the mother of wisdom. Some companies take much count of working experience, even more...
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