As Media Producction Report for Magazine

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Production Report

Section one – Brief and research
For this project my task was to create a few pages of a new magazine aimed at teenagers aged 13-19 years old, of either or both sexes. I needed to include a front page and a double page spread, with at least 3 original images. To begin with I researched the forms and conventions of magazines in the media. I found out a lot about the layout of the magazines, for example, a lot of magazines all have the same basic layout, which is often repeated throughout all major genres of magazines. After researching the forms and conventions of magazines in general, I then went on to research other details of magazines that would influence my decisions later on in the planning stage. I began by brainstorming a large list of all the genres available to the public at the moment, which was narrowed to the ones suitable for my market. This gave me a list of approximately eight genres, including fashion and gaming. I next began research with the public to discover a little more about my target audience, for example, what it is they expect from a magazine and what it is that draws their attention towards them. I started with a questionnaire, and made sure it was only handed to people within the age group specified in the brief, to ensure my results were as relevant and accurate as possible. I decided to aim my magazine at girls and base it on fashion/style and gossip, so I did some further research into this. I also collected together some magazine covers and analysed and evaluated them to help me to come up with an idea for my magazine. Finally, I completed other research work, including mind maps and tallies of ideas which I felt needed to be chosen by the audience, to come up with the magazine which I felt was the most suitable and could be the most successful with my audience. Overall, the research I conducted was very useful and had very strong influences to every decision I made. During this process of research I found out a lot about my target audience and what it is they really expect from a fashion and gossip magazine. For example, the best aspects to attract a reader to a magazine include; bright colours, bold writing, big images, catchy headlines, and possibly a freebie. I also found that fashion and gossip magazines usually include practically the same subjects throughout their magazines, including the same headlines, for example, fashion, men, sex, health, dieting etc. This shows me that these are all very good selling points to a magazine and are clearly subjects that are of high interest to the reader, otherwise these magazines would not be as successful as they currently are. Finally, I discovered that magazines aimed at this age group tend to be more mature and of older subjects, e.g. sex. This is because the lower end of the age scale (13 year olds) try to look and feel older and be more mature, looking up to the older teenagers around them. Most of what I have found that audience expects will be shown on the front cover to the magazine as this is the main thing that draws a reader’s attention to a magazine.

Section 2 – Planning
The planning process of my magazine was a fairly long one and took a lot of time, as I had to construct it ensuring that along the way I was sticking to my brief and it was appropriate for the target audience. My planning process began with conducting a focus group, in which I gathered together a group of people and we talked and wrote about a variety of magazines, and the features about them which we felt made them successful. These focus groups were very useful to me when I was coming up with the initial ideas for my magazine. This is because it gave me a starting point to begin designing the cover etc, and allowed me develop into something better and create a magazine which was entirely my own, but influenced by other magazines, for example Vogue. For a deeper insight into who my target audience really...
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