As Angels Flap Their Wings

Topics: Soul, Knowledge, Angel Pages: 4 (588 words) Published: March 20, 2013
As angels flap their wings,
These are yours for comfort,
As they know your body well..
From patting your leg, caressing your hair,
Putting you to sleep,
Moving across our face
They know no other,
These fingers of mine-
Knew you so well…

As angels have wings,
I have these arms.
Possessing strength to carry you
And yet gentle enough
To tuck you inside them
For a simple but warm embrace

My shoulders, my chest, my legs
My tummy-
The parts of my body
You lay your head to rest
My thighs,
In them that you call your crib,
Your sanctuary where you feel safe
All these, they know
Only you
And they know you well too…

All these, angels can’t do
All these, angels don’t possess,
As they hover above you
On their wings above,
I have my wings
Whose whole yearning
Is to be by your side…

Now angels possess wisdom,
They possess purity & love,
They provide the peace within you,
And then will always be
By your side to guard you
And to ensure your safety
As instructed from above
For you, their queen,
The princess inside my heart.

I, on the other hand
Am only human
And I possess a soul
That doesn’t belong to me
Was it ever mine to keep?
Alone as it proved to be
Yours to have,
To be complete

May it be by choice at first?
That I wanted/needed to be with you
I chose to do so
And not by want nor need
But because it was right
It felt right
And with all reasons in hand
This was all meant to be

Yes I was created to be human
And not an angel
Along with that,
There’s pain, hunger, suffering,
Loss, regrets, anger, tears,
And yes there’s loneliness
That leads longing, yearning
And wants and needs
All these that drives us to be
With someone
To be once and for all,
Happy and complete.

And to me, for me,
That very someone is you,
You that makes me whole,
To you, my soul belongs to
For you, my soul exists.

And now as angels have wisdom,
I possess knowledge,
One that’s learned through
Time and...
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