AS 355 Check List Jan 2013

Topics: Helicopter rotor, Engine, Tail rotor Pages: 10 (3478 words) Published: April 25, 2015

Issue 3 Amendment 02 Jul 13

Some ‘L” items have been removed from MP Check “A” as they are not applicable to company aircraft at this time. The order of the check differs from the MP. All items are covered. A. ALF INSPECTION: Concurrently Perform a “After Last Flight / ALF” Inspection i.a.w Maintenance Programme Ref.: SAL/AS355/01 CABIN:

Check Seats for condition, security & obvious damage.
Check Seat / Lap Belts & Shoulder Harnesses for condition, security & correct operation. Check Fire Extinguisher for condition, correct pressure & stowage. Check First Aid Kit for condition & correct stowage.

Check Flight & Engine Controls for condition, security & correct operation of Friction Devices. Check Fuel Shut-Off Levers locked with correct safety wire.
Check all Instruments for general condition & legible markings. Check Caution Panel & System Indicators for correct operation. Operate Fuel Boost Pumps & check pressure.
Check Engine Auto-Relight Systems for correct operation.
Check Cabin & Instrument Lights for correct operation.
Check Navigation Lights, Anti-Collision Lights, Landing Lights & Boarding Lights for correct operation. HISL: (1) Check Light Assy. & Lens for security. (2) Carry out a Functional Check to ensure operation. Dual Controls

Check for condition, correct locking & operation.
Dual Control Covers: Check for correct fitment if Duals are not being used. Life Jackets (If required)
Check Life Jackets for condition & correct stowage.
Emergency Floatation Gear (If fitted)
Check Condition of the Installation, in particular Attachment Fittings, Pipes & Hoses. -
Press Luminous “Reset – Test” Push button to check correct Operation of the Electric Control Circuit. -
Check Cylinder Pressure Gauges for Proper Pressure Indications i.a.w Pressure to Temperature corresponding to the Ambient Conditions. -
Check that the Float Gear is in “Low” Position.
Visually Check correct engagement of Circuit Breakers through the Plexiglass Inspection Door in Rear baggage Hold. -
After a Flight at Low Altitude above Sea, Wash Cylinders & Cradle Assy. -
Check that “Pip” Pins on the Aft. Fittings are securely locked & that Lock Pins are fitted (Mod. 070481). AIRFRAME & LANDING GEAR:
Check Cabin Doors & Door Seals for condition. Handles & Latches for correct operation. Check Jettison Handle Covers are secure. Check Windscreens, Windows & Transparencies for condition, cleanliness & abnormal scratches, crazing & damage. Check Windscreen Wipers for condition & security. Check Condition of Blades – Arms Check Blades not Stuck.

Check Pitot Heads & Static Vents for condition, freedom from obstructions & cleanliness. Check Landing Gear Skids & Cross Tubes for condition.
Check Landing Gear Shock Struts for condition, attachment & leaks. Check Cabin Rear Doors securely fastened.
Check Baggage Doors for condition, security & good locking.
Check Operation of Baggage Doors Indicating System.
Check Belly Panels for security, closed & locked.
Check Fuel Filler Caps are closed & secure.
Drain Fuel samples from the Tank Sumps.
Carry out Water / sediment & contamination check.
Check colour of Fuel.
Check Fire Extinguisher Bottles for security & correct pressures (refer to graph on bottles). Check Discharge Tubes for damage & obstruction.

MGB Fwd. & Aft. Suspension Bars, P/N: 355A38 -0040-02/-03/-04/-05 Check MGB Mount Suspension Struts / Bars for condition, security & End Fittings Checks. Comply with DGAC AD F-1987-038-032; ECF SB 05-16, Para. 1.C, Checking the Ends for longitudinal displacement of the Spherical Bearings. Also check that the PRC in not cracked or protrudes beyond the end of the Bars. MGB Suspension Bi-Directional Cross Beams, P/N: 350A38-1018-All, Pre. Mod. 072720 Comply with DGAC AD F-1996-155-053 R1; ECF SB 05-00-29, Para. 2.B.1, Visually check both the upper faces of the cross beam for evidence of cracks....

Links: TRH Pitch Change Spider, P/N: 350A33-2004-00 to 06, Pre. & Post Mod. 076554
Check Alignment of Paint Index Marks on TRH Pitch Change Unit – Baffle / Spacer.
TRH Pitch Change Spiders Pre. Mod. 076554 or 076550
Comply with DGAC AD 2000-223-059 R1; ECF SB 05-00-33 R1, Para
TRH Pitch Change Spider, P/N: 350A33-2004-00/01/02, Pre. Mod. 076536
Check TRH Pitch Change Unit Baffle Lock Washer for security.
MGB Suspension Bi-Directional Cross Beams, P/N: 350A38-1018-All, Pre. Mod. 072720
Visually check both the upper faces of the cross beam for evidence of cracks.
M/R Hub, P/N: 355A31-0001-00 to –09, Pre. & Post Mod. 076153 Check the Self-Lubricating Swivel Bearings at the End of the Starflex Arms.
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