Aryan Nations

Topics: Racism, White supremacy, Aryan race Pages: 7 (2025 words) Published: April 25, 2012
The Aryan Nations was founded by Richard Butler, a young man who was

drafted into the United States Air Force during World War II. He founded Aryan

Nations stemming from the Church of Jesus Christ, with an ideology that is a combination

of Christian identity and Nazism. The foundation and main purpose when Richard

Butler founded Aryan Nations was to overthrow both the American and Canadian

governments in order to create the idea of the “Aryan population”. It was founded

by Butler in 1974 on a twenty acre compound in Hayden Lake, Idaho.

Richard Butler created his idea of the Aryan Nations based off of the ideals of

Reverend Wesley Swift. Swift was the leader of the Church of Jesus Christ, and

was a supporter of the “Aryan race”. Despite being the leader of a Christian

church, Swift was also an active leader of the Ku Klux Klan in California. The bottom

line of the creation of the Aryan Nations is that Richard Butler was influenced by

Reverend Swift, and decided to have the core of the beliefs of the Aryan Nations

come from the Church of Jesus Christ.

Symbols within the Aryan Nations are very prevalent, with vast amounts of

meaning behind them. There is a flag or logo that is used to represent the Aryan

Nations. It is made up of a Christian cross, a half Swastika, and a sword. The cross

in this logo indicates the identity of the group, and how at the base of their beliefs,

they are still founded off Christian values. The Christian values off of which the Aryan Nations

are based are those of the Church of Jesus Christ. The Swastika resembles the group’s belief in

Nazism, and to show how it is their goal to fulfill the mission that Adolf Hitler

started, but was unable to complete. The sword represents how the followers of

Aryan Nations are encouraged to use violence whenever they feel it will further the

advancement of creating a nation with the “Aryan race” superior to all others.

Other symbols that are associated with the group are a white fist with a black

background that symbolizes white power, called the white power fist. The

number eighty eight represents “heil Hitler”, due to “h” being the eighth letter of the

alphabet. Eighty eight also represents the “88 precepts” which describe how

followers of the Aryan Nations should live their life, and life lessons. Perhaps the

most interesting symbol is a crucified skinhead, showing how Jesus died doing God’s

will, and the Aryan Nations feel that they too are doing this for God.

Followers of the Aryan Nations believe that it is blasphemy to say that Christ

had any Jewish genealogy. They believe that beside the white people, Adam and

Eve, the only other people created are called “mud people”. These mud people are

the source of all people of non-white descendants, and were to be servants for the

white people. The reason that Jewish people are hated so much by those within the

Aryan Nations is that, in the minds of followers, Jewish people are the

third race of people. They believe that they were not created by God, but rather by

Satan. If Aryans mate with non-Aryans, any children they may have are considered

soulless. Aryan Nations believe strongly in the second coming of Jesus Christ,

however he will not appear until “mud people” are returned to slaves for the whites.

The Aryan Nation in large part lacks the ritual dimension which is found in the majority of religions. In fact, the only aspect of this group which resembles a ritual at all is the annual World Congress of Aryan Nations (Aryan Nations/ Church of Jesus Christ Christians). Rituals were once more prevalent in the Aryan Nation, however, in 2007 the Aryan Nation decided to decentralize (Kreis). As a result, the initiation rituals that were once prevalent are no longer in existence. Instead, “All Aryan brothers and sisters across the...
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