Aryan Brotherhood: a Code of Conduct and the Different Core of Values

Topics: Aryan Brotherhood, Prison gang, Gang Pages: 2 (490 words) Published: February 8, 2013
The Aryan Brotherhood
Christy Gurries
Joshua Slater
CJ 130

The Aryan Brotherhood was founded by Irish –American Bikers, and white supremacies Barry Mills and Tyler Bingham in the 1960’s in San Quentin State Prison California. The brotherhood was created to protect white inmates from black gang inmates. Today Aryan Brotherhood members can be found both inside and outside of prison, although most of their population lies inside prison walls. Aryan Brotherhood is one of the largest prison gangs in the nation and has branches in California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Missouri, Arkansas, Alabama, Florida, Mississippi, Georgia, Kansas Ohio and Colorado. The Aryan Brotherhood lives by a code of conduct, “I will stand by my brother. My brother will come before all others. My life is forfeit should I fail my brothers. I will honor my brother in peace as in war.” ( They also live by six different core values Respect, Trust, Loyalty, Faithfulness, Reliability, and Family. These core values show how tight nit the brotherhood is, breaking values and or the code of conduct can get you killed. Talking to authorities about the brotherhood will get you killed. In the prisons where the brotherhood is strongest it is easy for an inmate to be recruited into the Aryan brotherhood. The brotherhood offers protection to the new convicts against rival gangs and while providing that protection, they become in control of that new inmate. The inmate must kill to get in to the gang and the only way out is to die, if the inmate does not do their billing the brotherhood will kill him. The brotherhood has been said to be the most violent gang behind bars, (National Geographic: Aryan Brotherhood).

The brotherhood is responsible for carrying out stabbings, strangulations, poisonings, contract hits, conspiracy to commit murder, extortion, robbery and narcotics trafficking. Although the brotherhood denies...

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