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Arun Joshi, like Anita Desai has recorded modern man’s traumas and agonies in his novels with rare competence and gravity. “It is with the novels with Arun Joshi and Anita Desai that a new era in the Indo-English fiction began and also witnessed a change in the treatment of themes.”

The literary journey from Charles Dickens period in British Literature to the arrival of the novelists of the late sixties and the seventies in Indian literature witnesses the issue pertaining to the self- identity search, thought about man and his sufferings, his way of life and at the best the means and method to overcome these problems. In this regard, one can compare the works of the mid sixties writers to the works of Camus, Sartre and Kafka. To understand and analyse the novels of Arun Joshi, it is worthwhile to have a subjective understanding of the novels rather than that of the objective reality that shaped the protagonist.

Joshi’s place among the major Indian English novelists of the twentieth century is undisputed. He was exceptionally perceptive as a creative artist, but his premature demise in 1993 cut short his promising literary career. He could contribute to Indian English literature only five novels and a few short stories.

His emphasis is on the individual psyche of the protagonist throughout his five novels. His technique of introspection intensified by self-mockery opens a new dimension in the art of Indian English fiction. It is because of his novel’s approach his psychological understanding of the inner conflict of human beings and his philosophical existential vision, that one is drawn into his writing. Joshi recognizes a reality beyond the mere phenomenal world, a reality which only an artist could imagine and capture by giving a consistent form to the shapeless face of human existence.

The conflicts between alienated self and the socio-cultural forces are the postulates of Arun Joshi’s fictional creations. In...
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