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This research examined if differences exist in the self-concepts of students who participated in athletics. This chapter contains description of the subjects, the instrument, the procedures and the data analysis used. The purpose of this quasi-experimental study was to determine whether participating in school-sponsored sporting activities have an impact on the academic performance Bachelor of Science in Information Technology. In order to determine whether participating in sporting events have an impact on the student’s academic performance, the researcher collected existing data during the sport season period, where the participants’ immediate grade point average (GPA) was calculated. These were then compared with their immediate postseason GPA to see whether there was a significant difference between the scores received during and after participating in sporting activities.

In this study, participating in school-sponsored sport activities was treated as the independent variable, and the participants’ GPAs were treated as the dependent variable. With the available data, the comparisons were conducted via paired t-tests and analysis of Variance.
The remainder of this chapter, therefore, presents the research methods and theoretical framework that was used in order to determine whether there was a difference between the GPA scores of students that participate in school-sponsored sporting activities and the scores of students who do not. This includes a description of the research design that was used in the study, the research questions and hypotheses that were be addressed, the target population of this study, and the statistical analysis that was implemented in order to address the objectives of this study.


The school district in which this study was conducted consists of a large, rural population. This study focused on the students in the Bachelor of Science in Information Technology athletes. Data

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