Artwork Assignment -Toots Zynsky

Topics: Glass, Sculpture, Color Pages: 1 (346 words) Published: April 2, 2013
Art Appreciation 1101
Catherine Park
Night Street Chaos (pg. 277)
Toots Zynsky used various elements in her artwork named “Night Street Chaos.” The outline, exterior of the object, is obvious upon first look of the sculpture. Mass is also an obvious element that can be noticed since the sculpture is 3 dimensional. Although the sculpture already has mass, the value provides and enhanced illusion. Night Street Chaos incorporates a vivid blend of primary, secondary, and intermediate colors.

Zynsky’s sculpture uses the principle of unity throughout the sculpture by maintaining the same technique of using the colored glass threads. The sculpture is almost completely symmetrical despite slight differences in the curves which would make it more of an asymmetrical object. The repetition of the colors that she distributes all over the sculpture allows viewers to see the principle of rhythm. The emphasis is on the work of art its self because she uses dull colors to create subordination in the background.

Toots Zynsky always experienced with glass work and glass blowing, but was not always familiar with incorporating color. “She began exploring this technique in 1982, when she lived in Manhattan and worked in an experimental workshop, now called Urban Glass.” Years before starting applying color to her artwork Zynsky saw a “ribbon bowl” at the Corning Museum that was made before glass blowing was invented. Even though years had passed before she began to apply colors to her glasswork, she feels as though she may have been inspired by the “ribbon bowl.”

Zynsky’s artwork is truly successful because she achieved the look that she was going for in creating these types of sculptures. You can tell how much creativity and effort she puts into her artwork simply because of the amount of work that needs to be put into the process of creating this type of sculpture. The colors in this work of art fuse together in a way that makes them seemingly create a rainbow of their...
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