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Street Market
Jarrid Williams

Table of Contents

Cover Page


Table of Contents


Mission Statement


Organization Profile and Audit


Environmental Analysis


SWOT Analysis




Financial Report




Social Media




Internship Oppourtunity


Action Plan


Two-Year Calendar


Floor Layout


Organizatin Chart



Mission Statement
The mission of Street Market is to provide a safe and appreciative audience for “street” performers giving them a platform in which they can display their talents. Street Market plans to advise audience members on proper health care from nutrition to hygiene.

Organization Profile and Audit

The creator of Street Market is Jarrid Williams. Jarrid Williams is a junior at Wagner College pursuing a degree in Sociology. Ever since a child Jarrid has always has the passion to help people in need. When Mr. Williams came to Wagner College he started exploring New York City a bit more. What stood out to Jarrid was the large amount of street performers he seen in his everyday travels as well as the amount of food carts which seemed to be on every single corner of New York City. With Jarrid’s passion for helping people and New York City great assets he created Street Market. Street Market aims to be in full operation by May 1, 2015. The headquarters of the company will be opening up on 5th Avenue and Broadway. From here Street Market wants to expand to Los Angeles, Washington DC, Miami, and Chicago. Street Market currently has a budget of 1.5million dollars. Street Market received a 1 million dollar investment on reality television show Shark Tank and $500,000 of Jarrid Williams

personal savings. Two investors from Shark Tank invested in Street Market giving them 49% of the company. The ownership of the company will be:

Jarrid Williams


Barbara Corcoran


Daymond John


Street Market will have a board consisting of three people, all competent to deciding on business issues. Barbara Corcoran who is a real estate mogul and investor, Daymond John who is the founder of FUBU and is a branding genius, and Jarrid Williams who is the founder of Street Market. Barbara Corcoran responsibility on the board consist of ensuring the financial well being of the company as well as securing real estate properties in different locations for the company. Daymond John is responsible for branding Street Market and innovative ideas for accessories and products to sell to build more revenue. Jarrid Williams responsibility is securing food truck vendors as well as marketing.

Our vision at Street Market is to capitalize off of the resources that New York City has available. New York city being a major city attracts different ethnic groups, cultures and customs. Street Market plans to capitalize off of this by having a venue full of culture, from the different types of musical performers to the different food vendors we have selling food. Street Market is going to be a melting pot of food and music.


Environmental Analysis


Street Market will be located on 5th Ave. We at Street Market believe that 5th Ave. is a perfect location because of the tourist attractions. There is such a strong tourist attractions to 5th avenue because of the midtown shopping. Stores on 5th avenue include but are not limited too:

The Apple Store
Tiffany and Co.
Bergdorf Goodman
Louis Vuitton
Trump Towers
World of Disney Store
Cole Haan

The target audience will be tourist, local employees, and everyday people in New York city looking for a low budget meal and performance. Street Market will target

tourist because Street Market is a melting pot. Tourists can come to our location and be apart of an audience that is made up of people from across the world, listen to diverse homegrown...
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