Arts and craft movement

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The movements of arts and craft came about around the victorian age in the United Kingdom. Arts designers and craftsmen wanted to improve certain standards of design which were being replaced by mechanization which created fine workmanship on a lot of goods. It originated during the British empire but later moved towards Europe as well as North America. William Morris was the lead artist of the arts and craft movement from the 1860’s onwards. The movement was also inspired by the writings of John Ruskin. The movement stood on the basis of simplicity and using simple design forms for decoration. The movement in Canada consists of architect’s, teachers, and craftspeople who worked together to create astonishing works of hand crafted materials. At its peak in the 1890’s, it was most popular in the home design category. The Canadian movement differed from the UK in two ways. The first was the fact that there were not as many specialized craftsmen in Canada versus the UK. Second difference was there was more of a family life in the UK in regards to a country styled home. It is evident that in today’s society the arts and crafts movement is still very present. From the art gallery of Ontario to the Whychwook Park in Toronto, the arts and crafts movement is here to stay. Wychwood park is the best example of Canadian arts and crafts inspired neighborhoods housing roughly 60 homes which have been built by all different types of artists. By the time the arts and crafts movement came to Canada it was already well know. The theme I think was that the house was meant to be a living space with the element of having a natural environment.>
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