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"Themes and Purposes may differ within a work of art, and a work of art may reflect more than one theme. A theme is an “idea” thread running through the entire history of art. There are many threads." - Chapter Three  

For this discussion board choose at least two “thread” categories from what is listed below. Check Chapter 3 for the textbook’s examples of what art and environments fit within these categories, then think of your own examples of what would be “ sacred” art, political/social order inspired art, etc. Write a post and list art (any form, even buildings) that are examples of those categories, and express why you chose what you did.  Compare and contrast your examples. Your posting should be at least 200 words long, then respond to at least one other student's posting. Categories (Themes) are:

* Visual Delight and the Arts of Every Day Life
* The Sacred Realm
* Politics and the Social Order
* Stories/Histories
* Looking Outward
* Looking Inward
* Invention/Fantasy
* Art and Nature
* Art in Art

Sacred realm – santo nino in the Philippines
* Pic of santo nino

Stories and histories- Christ

I chose the Santo Niño as my first thread category as The Sacred Realm. The Santo Niño is originated in the Philippines, mostly believed by Roman Catholics. I particularly picked this art for this category because it represents devotion and dedication to a religious purpose. Many believed that by having this sacred statue of the Child Jesus in homes and business establishments, it will provide safety and tranquility. It is much respected and praised by so many that it is celebrated every third of January. This religious image serves to focus the thoughts of the faithful. The second thread I chose is the art of the Last Supper as a representation of stories/histories. The...
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