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Topics: Paint, Acrylic paint, Ionic order Pages: 1 (266 words) Published: April 29, 2014
Artist’s Statement
The Creative Art Project that I have completed for this class is an acrylic painting on canvas. Having never painted anything before, I chose to do my artwork in a free-form style, so I had some room to play around and experiment. I wanted to incorporate some of the linear and geometric techniques that we had talked about earlier in the semester when we discussed Van Gogh and other artists... and I also wanted to include some ornamental designs, such as the ones on the Ionic columns of the Classical Greek era. My artwork turned out to be a bit on the abstract side, but ultimately very whimsical. I used a variety of different sized brushes to get the desired detail in certain areas of the painting. I did not have an exact plan of action when I started to paint; I just knew I was attracted to bright colors and fun designs. I sat down on several different occasions and just stared at the blank canvas until it eventually just kind of happened. Once I started painting my picture, I could not stop. Even when I would come to a stopping point and contemplate being finished, I would add something else. It was such a new and fun experience for me, that I have since gone out and bought another blank canvas to start a new picture. Painting turned out to be very therapeutic for me. Due to some recent life happenings, I haven’t been in the best of spirits… but while painting, I found myself smiling almost the entire time.
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