Artist's Views Regarding Contemporary Issues: Cindy Sherman

Pages: 3 (891 words) Published: January 3, 2011
A Comparative Essay comparing artist's views regarding contemporary issues Introduction
This essay will be a comparison of my work in comparison to Cindy Sherman’s and another related artist’s work. The essay will explain why they appeal to me and their influences on me.

As an artist, I want people to visually question my work, as I feel there is more of an impact if the work is questionable. I try and make my work somewhat unique and humorous, for example in a recent piece about facial expression I created a photographic collage that was structured in its overall appearance yet the actual images of myself were peculiar. The piece consisted of about thirty photographs (approximately four centimeters square) with me pulling very different expressions which I would not normally pull. It was interesting to see people’s reactions to the piece and to have a piece of work that reflected a part of my personality in a gallery. I liked to see people’s reactions to the piece as they questioned what I had done and did not understand it. Their body language was quite negative towards the work, yet the people who knew me as an individual found the humorous side to it. In my opinion, what I did was frowned upon by the onlookers because it is not normal for somebody to take thirty small photographs of themselves pulling bizarre humorous faces. But with doing something so different I got the reaction that I wanted from public. I feel my work is controversial and diverse which is one of the reasons why am interested in Cindy Sherman’s work. Cindy does not have a clear justification when producing her work. In my mind she produces her work through a notion, a feeling, something she has dreamt about, or something she has done. In this way my own photography work relates to this as I do not think too much about what I am visually trying to produce. I don’t look too deeply into the reasons my own photography work is a part of me. I am doing something unique to my mind and I...
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