Artist Management Agreement

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Artist Management Agreement

When to Use This Document:

The following contract is an example of a management agreement between an artist’s personal manager and an artist. Such agreements are always subject to extensive negotiation, which may vary, based on individual circumstances applying to both the manager and the artist. Factors such as pre-existing success on the part of the artist, or other artist management commitments on the part of the manager should help guide negotiations with respect to such contract points as percentages and the length of the term. Always consult a respected music industry attorney before signing a contract.

Why this can be a critical document:

This agreement sets forth a broad range of agreed upon parameters related to the structure and details of an artist’s career and the various sources of revenue generated. Choosing a personal manager is a critical moment in an artist’s career and a document such as this indicates in detail many important financial and informational guidelines that will govern the legal aspects of a relationship between an artist and manager. Read through a document like this personally, even if you have an excellent attorney representing you (which you should), and be sure that you are clearly informed and comfortable about the process of being represented by an artist manager as it is written in your agreement.

NAMES OF ARTISTS GO HERE p/k/a "GROUP NAME HERE" (Note: p/k/a refers to group name and is an acronym for Professionally Known As)



Dated as of ______________





You and I have agreed as follows:

1. Appointment. I hereby appoint and engage you as my exclusive personal manager, adviser and representative throughout the world and you accept such appointment and engagement for the term of and subject to the terms and conditions of this agreement.

2. Term.

A. The term of this agreement shall be for a period of one (1) year commencing as of the date hereof (the "Initial Period").

B. In addition, you shall have three (3) separate and consecutive options each to extend this agreement for an additional one (1) year period (individually referred to as "First Option Period, Second Option Period and Third Option Period"; collectively the "Option Periods"). The Initial Period and Option Periods are hereinafter collectively referred to as the "Term." Unless you notify me to the contrary prior to the expiration of the Term, each Option Period will be automatically exercised by you.

3. Manager's Services. During the Term hereof, you agree to perform for me the following services: represent me and act as my adviser in all business negotiations and matters relating to my entertainment career; supervise my professional engagements and to consult with employers of my services in the entertainment and literary fields to assure to the best of your ability the proper use of my services and the products thereof; supervise third party unaffiliated booking and talent agencies employed by me to secure offers for my professional services; and advise and counsel with respect to general practices in the entertainment and literary industries and with respect to such matters of which you may have knowledge concerning compensation and privileges extended for similar artistic values.

4. Power of Attorney.

You are authorized and empowered for me and on my behalf and at your discretion, after consulting with me, to do the following: approve and permit any and all publicity and advertising in connection with my professional career; approve and permit the use of my name, photograph, likeness, voice, sound effect, literary, artistic and musical materials for the purposes of advertising, publicity, and promotion in connection with my professional career and execute agreements pertaining to my short-term personal...
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