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What do you think of when you hear the word artist? Picasso, Dali, Da Vinci, and Michelangelo are all typical answers. They are also crucial to how we define artist. Most people, including the dictionary, consider artists people that draw or paint pieces of art and make a living off of it. An artist does not have to paint or write to be considered one. In fact, an artist does not have to be a professional at all. The word artist means so much more, and requires a broader definition. An artist is someone who excels at something and inspires others with their work. From the street performer to the multi-million dollar piece of art to the Heisman winning quarterback, artists captivate our attention and provide us with inspiration to be better than who we already are.

Many athletes could be considered artists because what they do is amazing. They inspire many “normal” people to do incredible things, and that is a hallmark of a great artist. Just like the painter that takes the breath away from someone, an athlete can create memorable plays with their mastery of what they do. In soccer all the time you hear the announcer call the players artists. The way they move on the field and the things they can do with the ball inspire awe in every person that watches. What they do inspires others to do amazing things just like them. Watching an amazing athlete sends chills down your spine.

As well as athletes being considered artists, musicians could be as well. They hone their craft with much precision, and work many long hours on what they do. Their work inspires others as well, and when you hear a very nice piece of music it gives you chills just like an amazing piece of art. People go to concerts to see these amazing artists, just like how people go and see art in art museums. Music has a way of changing how people think, and that is a very influential thing. Just like art that provokes thought, music can provoke emotions in people. Because of...

Cited: "Merriam Webster." Merriam Webster. Merriam Webster. Web. 15 Sep 2013. .
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