Artificial Sweeteners

Topics: Sugar substitute, Sugar, Nutrition Pages: 2 (544 words) Published: November 9, 2005
Americans are extremely addicted to sugar. Apparently, our nutrition experts claim that eating artificial sugars to satisfy our sugar addiction is part of a healthy diet. Replacing sugars in beverages, honey, etc., can dramatically reduce the amount of calories that are consumed. Although this appears to be healthy for the consumer, health risks are involved with the artificial sweetener. Since two-thirds of Americans are obese, artificial sweeteners could be extremely beneficial.

Artificial sweeteners do have their benefits. These sweeteners would be an ideal choice for a parent with a hyper-active child. Any person that has consumed sugar would agree that energy levels are increased once sugar is eaten. Studies have shown that artificial sugars do not cause these increased levels of energy. Acesulfame-K, and aspartame, very common artificial sweeteners do not cause cavities. Also, a diabetic person is not at risk with artificial sugars. Artificial sugars do not elevate blood sugar, and has been officially approved by The American Diabetes Association. The artificial sweetener also does not contain any calories. Now soda corporations have decided to use artificial sweeteners instead of corn syrup. This is ideal for any soda consumer trying to lose weight. "The results from a 3-year study at Harvard Medical School showed that aspartame is a valuable aid to a long-term weight management program that included diet and physical activity." This is a perfect example on how aspartame is beneficial for the consumer. Although it is helpful to use artificial sweetener to lose weight, it is not good to consume in large quantities. Artificial sweeteners should be used in moderation. Saccharin is the most controversial artificial sweetener on the market. The Sweet ‘n Low company uses saccharin in their artificial sugar. Saccharin's risks are extreme to the point that any product that uses it has to place the warning: "Use of this product may be...
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