Artificial Intelligence in the Military

Topics: Artificial intelligence, Marvin Minsky, Transhumanism Pages: 3 (856 words) Published: September 25, 2006

This report aims to investigate the use of Artificial Intelligence in the military and examine what research is underway to further this technology. It will also consider the moral and ethical implications associated.


Ever since the invention of the catapult, warfare has been the main driving force behind the advancement of technology. The military has played a main role in researching new technologies and their work has led the way for significant advancements in other fields. Many great inventions, including the Internet, have been made from military funded research. The driving force has been the escalation of weaponry. If you don't have something your enemy does, you are very often at a disadvantage. Computers were first developed to calculate missile trajectories and break enemy codes. With this in mind it can be said that the military has been and will continue to be AI's main driving force.

The use of such technology opens up endless possibilities in the military. Currently AI robots are mainly used to find roadside bombs, search caves, and act as armed sentries, and they have the potential to do so much more.


AI in the military is defined as any system which uses the help of ‘intelligent' machines to complete tasks. When people think of Artificial Intelligence in this area, images of Terminator-like killing machines automatically spring to mind. However, not all AI relates directly to the battlefield and it can server much more passive purposes.

For example, the US Military has developed a computer game that uses AI to teach new recruits how to speak Arabic. In the program soldiers complete game missions where they must be able to understand and speak the language to succeed. The game works by using speech recognition technology to evaluate the soldier's words and identify common errors. It then keeps track of what he's learned and what he hasn't in order to provide unique feedback for the...
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